When Kobe Bryant retires, the Los Angeles Lakers legend will inevitably be honored with a statue outside the Staples Center.

But when that happens, it won't be the first sculpture dedicated to the five-time NBA champion.

A photo of a Bryant statue in China has emerged on Twitter, and it looks pretty cool:

While it's not yet verified whether this statue is real, or where in China it is, it would make sense for there to be a monument to Bryant in the Far East. Bryant has made lots of memorable trips to the world's most populous country, and his foundation has even partnered with organizations in China.

During a recent trip to China, Bryant discussed what it would take for more star NBAers to come out of the basketball-mad country.

"The questions that I get a lot when I'm over there is what is it going to take for an Asian basketball player to really emerge and be one of the premier players in the league," Bryant said. "I say, all it takes is hard work. For years, they thought there was some secret formula going on. No, you just practice and you combine that with God-given talent. I think it does nothing but gives it a good jolt and helps kids believe they can come to the NBA and make a significant impact."

(H/T to Complex)