And people wonder why no one takes the New York Jets seriously.

The same team which traded for Tim Tebow and once ran a play now called the Buttfumble reportedly took off Thursday, the last day of OTAs, so players could go on a paintball excursion.

Media members were not informed of the paintball trip, so reporters learned of the team's activity through Twitter posts. Brian Costello of the New York Post confirmed with a source that coach Rex Ryan allowed his guys to take the day off for some team-building. This isn't the first time Ryan has encouraged his players to do team building, but it is the first time that that activity has involved paintball.

Below is one of the many photos that was circulating on Twitter:

As one can imagine, once people caught wind of the paintball excursion, the jokes on social media were endless:

It's easy to ridicule New York, especially because the Jets finished the 2012-2013 campaign with a 6-10 record and last place in the AFC East. And you'd never see the New England Patriots take a day off for something like this.

But maybe this is just what Mark Sanchez and Co. needed. A little bonding time away from the football field never hurt anyone, right? Then again, this is the Jets we're talking about.