Danica Patrick and her sort-of-new boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse Jr. have been the most gossip-worthy item for much of this NASCAR season, but in an interview with ESPNW, the racing couple says they've managed to keep their focus despite the constant chatter.

"We both are just comfortable," Patrick told the website. "We're used to both being in the public eye, so … I like talking about him and I think he likes talking about me, and it makes us smile. And for the most part, we do most everything together, so you can't tell a story without saying what the other person is thinking. And also, just doing interviews around racing, we have racing conversations, so sometimes it's, 'Well, Ricky and I were just talking about this the other day.'''

As for whether they just sit around and talk strategy all day, Stenhouse Jr. said they try to limit it, especially since they're on different teams. "A little bit. Obviously, we don't sit and talk setups or things like that because we're on two different teams, but we'll talk about what the track did throughout practice, things like that," he told the site. "Past that, that's about it. We start talking about anything but racing after that."

In the interview, Patrick also talks about her newfound love and ability to adapt to Southern food (her key: scrambled egg whites and oatmeal with apple butter on the side at Cracker Barrel) and burgeoning interest in golf thanks in large part to Stenhouse Jr.

But the biggest change in Patrick thanks to her beau? Her musical tastes.

"She didn't listen to country music hardly at all," Stenhouse Jr. told ESPNW. "And now, and I mess with her all the time, she talks about, like, Pearl Jam and stuff. I really don't like that music and I'm like, 'I don't know why you even talk about it,' because when she's riding down the road, if she has to choose to put the radio on, she puts country on. I was like, 'See, the good stuff is here.' She just wasn't introduced to the good stuff."