The ages for some of the athletes appearing in ESPN The Magazine's annual body issue are as follows: 25, 23, 33, 24, 77, 23, 29.

Now, you tell us: Which one of those is not like the others?

If you picked 77, you are correct. That's the age of Gary Player, who will become the oldest athlete to appear in ESPN The Magazine's yearly feature. The other ages correspond to Colin Kaepernick, Kenneth Faried, Swin Cash, Agnieszka Radwanska, Sydney Leroux and Joffrey Lupul, respectively.

The issue, one of the magazine's most popular, shows athletes nude in different poses. Player, who won nine major titles and is considered one of the best golfers ever, will be the seventh golfer to appear in the Magazine.

The South African-born Player, who earned the nickname Mr. Fitness in the 1950s, has always been in good shape. He is said to have logged more than 15 million miles during his career, traveling around the world to play in tournaments.

Two years ago Player told the Wall Street Journal that he does 1,000 situps and pushups every morning in addition to a vigorous cardio routine.

"People said weight training was detrimental to golfers," Player said. "I was squatting 325 pounds the night before I won my first U.S. Open in 1965."

Player takes enough pride in his physical condition that his official website features the following photo:

And here's a look at Player demonstrating his core workout in 2010:

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