After months of questions regarding whether Derrick Rose will return to action this year, a seemingly never-ending stream of speculation which includes comments by former Bulls players, one thing that most certainly will not help is a campaign by a local media outlet to encourage Rose.

CBS Chicago has encouraged disgruntled fans to write short letters to Rose in hopes of prodding him off the bench. Via For the Win, here's the website's pitch:

It's been over one year since Derrick Rose’s ACL tear and over two months since doctors cleared him to play.

Still, the former MVP of the league refuses to leave his post on the Bulls bench. Meanwhile, the hobbled Bulls continue to fight on against the Nets in Round 1 of the NBA playoffs.

Frustrated? Here's your chance to express your feelings to Rose.

In the space below, write an open letter to the face of the Bulls franchise. Yell at him, plead with him, convince him – this is your chance to say whatever it is you want to say to Derrick Rose.

670 The Score wants to hear from you. Please keep your submission under 50 words. We'll select and publish our favorites.

While it's doubtful that one of the highest profile players in the league, a man with hundreds of millions of dollars riding on him, would be swayed by short notes from so-called fans, somehow someone thought this was worth a try. And the results have been predictable:

Brandon from Chicago wrote: "How does it actually feel to watch the rest of your team hobble down the court while you wear a suit and tie you silly little b****. Man up."

Harold from Oak Park wrote: "I told my boss yesterday that even though I’m not sick or have a doctor’s excuse, I’d still like to stay home until I feel mentally ready to work. I got fired."

How, exactly, are notes like these going to encourage Rose to play? Come on, Chicago fans. You've been through worse than this.