Tom Brady, the three-time Super Bowl winner, knows a thing or two about celebrating big victories.

Although it's been eight years since Brady's last Super Bowl victory, he got to celebrate like he won the big game Saturday. A horse racing aficionado who has attended the last several Kentucky Derbies, Brady was in Louisville for the 139th running of the race.

And after Orb crossed the finish line well ahead of the pack, Brady and former teammate Tedy Bruschi made his way to Orb's owners' box to celebrate.

Brady's connection to Orb's owners is somewhat unclear. While there was some speculation that Brady had put money on Orb, ESPNBoston's Mike Reiss reported that that wasn't the case. Reiss wrote that Brady and some of his friends flew to the Derby with one of Orb's owners, and that's why the quarterback was pulling for the favorite.

Whatever the case, give Brady some serious style points for rocking that red bow tie.