Future generations most likely won't see the name "Tebow" mentioned much in the NFL record books, but if the former Broncos and Jets quarterback doesn't start another game in the league, he's in line for at least one dubious distinction.

According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, if Tebow does not start another game, he will be just the second quarterback in NFL history to start and win a playoff game, remain active after that season and never start another game.

A little complicated, sure, but the mark speaks to the bizarre arc of Tebow's career. From benchwarmer to starter to benchwarmer once again, Tebow has followed a path taken by few other signal callers. In fact, Klis reports that the only other quarterback to do what Tebow has done is Bob Lee. Lee was 32 when he started for the Minnesota Vikings in the squad's 14-7 playoff win over the Los Angeles Rams in 1977. Lee, who was also a punter early in his career, played three more seasons in the NFL but did not record another start.

There are certainly quarterbacks who didn't play again after winning their final game -- John Elway, for instance -- but those men retired. That's certainly not the case for Tebow.

T.J. Yates of the Texans is also in the running for this distinction. He started in Houston's 31-10 playoff win against the Bengals in January 2012. He didn't start any games last season but remains the backup to Matt Schaub.

And again, it should be stressed that Tebow can avoid this distinction by simply starting one more game at some point in his career. But at this point, that's looking doubtful.

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