Roger Federer may seem like he has it all together, but like many of us, he never has figured out how to have a good hair day all the time.

From his Reddit Ask Me Anything:

Federer also answered questions about what the one thing he would change in the rule book would be (more best-of-five set finals) and who he would most like to play doubles with ( John McEnroe, Stefan Edberg and Rod Laver.)

"From a historical perspective it would be really fun to play doubles with them as they are all legends," he said.

As for his prematch rituals, Federer says he keeps it pretty simple. The first step: "Arrive on time at the courts. Pretty crucial so I don't miss my match."

Perhaps our favorite non-tip of the Q&A came in response to a question asking for advice to emulate his between-the-legs shot.