For fans and observers alike, watching Robert Griffin III suffer through his final few plays while his knee was clearly buckling under him was one of the more awkward and painful parts of the quarterback's impressive season. As his father, Robert Griffin Jr. told TV station WJLA, he was one of those people watching who was wishing that the 'Skins would pull him -- before his knee got any worse.

"I missed something in that game and I told Robert (that) I've got to have better seats," he said. "When he threw the ball at the last minute, his leg buckled and he fell and then he came back.

"Then he got up, went back in, threw the touchdown. They went up 14-0. I would have pulled him ... he was done as far as I was concerned because no one hit him. His knee buckled."

As for RGIII's recovery, RG Jr. said it was going well and predicts he will be ready for the season opener. But he expects the Redskins to better protect his son next year with a game plan that requires a little less of him sacrificing his body.

“I think that the message was loud and clear. What they have to do in order to have Robert, you know, be what they want him to be, because you don’t want him to limp into the playoffs,” he said.