Even for Green Bay Packers fans, a bunch renowned for their devotion to their team, a new piece of memorabilia might be a little much.

A golf cart shaped like a Packers helmet went for sale on Craigslist recently, and it is absolutely ridiculous. A Los Angeles man created the 7-foot-tall golf cart, and over the years it has been signed by a host of Packers greats, including LeRoy Butler, Fuzzy Thurston and Jerry Kramer.

The asking price is $6,900.

"This is a real working Electric golf cart," the Craigslist post reads. "Runs well. Forward and Reverse. Charger included. Amazing detail including huge grommets on the sides."

This seems a little over the top, but there might be a Packers fan who is just crazy enough to buy this. After all, we should never underestimate a fanbase which has scored its own reality show.

For more photos of the cart, see the Craigslist ad.