If Miami is awarded Super Bowl L or LI -- and at this point that's a big if -- it could be one of the most unique hosting experiences ever.

The city's Super Bowl Bid Committee submitted a proposal to the NFL this week outlining its plans for a Super Bowl in 2016 or 2017. The Committee's idea is to have a Super Bowl Park in downtown Miami that includes a zipline that carries fans in giant, translucent footballs as well as an aircraft carrier stationed next to the AmericanAirlines Arena. The aircraft carrier would have a 120-yard football field on top and would be suitable for a game.

The plan also calls for several floating nightclubs to be stationed on Biscayne Bay.

"We've submitted the best bid that we can in every aspect," Dolphins CEO Mike Dee told reporters. "From a Dolphins perspective, we're doing every thing we can."

Unfortunately for Miami, its biggest stumbling block in its quest for a Super Bowl is not entertainment value. What's holding the city back may be the outdated Sun Life Stadium. And in that regard, the city is not making much progress. Last week the Florida House ended its session without passing a bill which would have allowed the Dolphins to ask for taxpayer money in order to renovate the stadium.

While it's too bad that Sun Life Stadium is handcuffing Miami on its quest for a Super Bowl, you can't exactly blame Floridians for not wanting to give any more taxpayer money to their pro teams after the disaster that is the new Marlins stadium.