Luke Donald may be getting a few more invites to barbecues in his neighborhood.

The golfer told ESPN's Darren Rovell this week that he has finally claimed a cow that he won last year at the Dunlop Phoenix tournament in Japan. The cow, which is Miyazaki beef, retails for more than $200 per pound in restaurants.

It also doesn't exactly travel by UPS. To get the cow to his house in Chicago, Donald reportedly enlisted the help of a chef friend, Nick Kokonas, and Shane Lindsay, who runs a food importing company in Washington. After wrangling with tournament officials for months and waiting for the cow to go from alive to edible, the meat arrived in freezer packs this week to his home.

"It was a long wait," Donald told the Chicago Tribune via email, "but Miyazaki beef is known as the best in the world, so it will be well worth the wait. I really appreciated Nick's help, so I plan to have him over this summer for a steak dinner or two."

The cow, which is said to be around 200 pounds, is worth around $80,000.

"It's very marbled and the knife just eases through the meat," Donald told Rovell. "Definitely the best beef I've ever had."