In case you weren't watching the season finale of “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” this weekend on E!, the gold medalist made a serious revelation: he's ready for love.

Now, we know, that might sound silly coming from Lochte. After all, it appeared that the ladies man and Olympic gold medalist was on a continual quest to find Mrs. Right. But as it turns out, Lochte may have found a new reason to open his heart. You see, the 28-year-old got dumped over the phone on his own reality show.

Apparently, Lochte had been dating 23-year-old Jamiee Hollier for four years. Hollier lives in England, so the two were in a long distance relationship. If this "relationship" sound questionable to you, you're not the only one. During the Olympics, Lochte repeatedly claimed he was single. And he even showed some interest in an appearance on ABC's "The Bachelor." Plus, if Lochte was dating Hollier, why wasn't her name mentioned when he was in London for the Olympics?

Perhaps in an act of karma, Hollier called Lochte during the taping of his reality show to tell him that she was calling it quits. Lochte, normally quite comfortable on screen, couldn't stand to have cameras follow him during the heartbreaking conversation.

Here's the sad, awkward and somewhat confusing clip from the show:

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