Despite unrelenting support from teammates and natural athletic ability, Ravens wide receiver Jacoby Jones went out a third-place finisher on Dancing With The Stars this week, losing to former American Idol winner Kellie Pickler. But in a post-dance interview, he told the Ravens' official website he had no regrets on his time there.

"I've made great friendships," he said. "I did something I always wanted to do and I can ballroom dance now."

As for what he learned, Jones said that his stint on the reality show will show on the football field -- in the best way.

"It made me graceful, it made me patient, my footwork is better, I'm more flexible," he said.

The place Ravens' fans might notice the most improvement? HIs touchdown dances.

"Man just wait and see I got some dances up my sleeve," he said.

Jones is expected back in Baltimore on Thursday and will suit up for OTAs shortly after.

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