Tryouts for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad took place over the weekend, and as you can imagine, they were a big deal.

More than 400 women tried out, and hopefuls flew in from as far as Australia and Japan.

The women spanned in age from 18 to 41, and there was even one grandmother in the group. Susie Sanchez, a 39-year-old from California, has children who are 19, 14 and 11 and a grandchild who is 2. She had spent five years trying to become a Raiders cheerleader, and her dream was finally realized in 2011.

“The year I was on that team, some of the girls were born the year I graduated,” Sanchez told the Dallas News of her time with the Raiderettes. “If you look at the numbers, it's ‘What am I doing?'"

Sanchez knew she was a long shot to make the team, but she figured if she was going to try and be a cheerleader again, she might as well aim for the top.

“I thought why not?" Sanchez said. “I got to go to the big guys. I’ve got to go to the best team in the NFL."

Unfortunately for her, Sanchez was cut after the first round of tryouts.