One lucky vampire, er, baseball fan, is the new owner of an extremely bizarre piece of baseball memorabilia.

The Cincinnati Reds auctioned off a baseball stained by the blood of Chicago Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija during an April 24 game. The winning bid was $130.01, and the proceeds went to the Reds' charity fund.

Samardzija suffered a cut on his hand in the first inning while reaching for a grounder hit by Shin-Soo Choo. Samardzija stayed in the game, and the blood on his finger stained at least one baseball.

"I remember looking at that ball, wondering what was going to happen to it," Samardzija told ESPN. "I was hoping the umpires didn't see it. I don't know, it's pretty interesting. Somebody who gets it has to be a pretty intense fan. That's for sure."

This ball is hardly the most valuable piece of blood-stained baseball memorabilia that's been for sale recently. One of Curt Schilling's bloody socks from the 2004 playoffs was sold a few months ago for more than $90,000.