You may have heard that Tiger Woods is a control freak, but you probably don't realize the extent of Woods' obsession with regulating every aspect of his life.

In a recent column, ESPN's Rick Reilly mentions a bizarre habit of Woods' that will probably come as a shock to many people:

"[Woods is] a detail demon down to the tips of his shoelaces. If he rents your house for a tournament, he allegedly has all of your furniture taken out and duplicates of his own brought in, so he feels at home."

With the amount of traveling Woods does, this can't be cheap. Or practical. But this is who Woods is.

Woods' desire to regulate every aspect of his life has likely ruined some of his closest relationships. He is so focused on winning that sometimes he is naive to other parts of his life.

Is Woods' unusual tunnel vision worth it? A new Nike ad seems to make that claim. The ad is a photo of Woods with the slogan, "Winning takes care of everything."

But it is practices like this, taking the time to insert replicas of his furniture into temporary homes, that make one question the extent of Woods' drive.