During the past few years, NFL players have become increasingly public with their criticism of commissioner Roger Goodell. The commentary has come from all corners of the league, and a staggering 61 percent of the players polled by USA Today recently said they disapprove of the job the commissioner has done.

It seems that after each and every decision Goodell makes, more voices emerge from the woodwork to criticize the league's head man. Recently, after the league approved a rule that prevents running backs from initiating contact with the crown of their helmet outside the tackle box, several prominent running backs voiced their displeasure.

So amid all this fury, it must be nice for Goodell to hear some positive feedback. And from one of the league's brightest young stars, no less.

This week Arizona Cardinals cornerback and two-time Pro Bowler Patrick Peterson told a Las Vegas radio station that the new running back rule is good for the league, and that he supports Goodell's quest to make the game safer.

"The game has definitely changed, but I believe the commissioner is changing the game for the good," Peterson said. "These guys want to make the game as safe as possible, so us football players can have longevity after our football careers. I think Roger Goodell is doing a great job trying to implement these rules and just make the game as safe as possible. We don’t want to go out there spearing guys and running backs dropping their helmets into our chests. I actually love the new rule change."

Perhaps it's easier for Peterson to say this, seeing as the new rule changes help him as a defender. But overall it's refreshing to hear a player say nice things about the commissioner. Part of Goodell's job is to protect the players, and while his means may be questionable, he seems to have the right intentions at heart.