We can all learn a lesson from the misfortune of Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Jerome Simpson: Never trust your noisy neighbors.

Simpson, he of the uber-athletic front flip touchdown, was apparently the victim of a robbery over the weekend.

The 27-year-old tweeted up a storm on Sunday after a pair of custom Nike Jordan's were stolen from his front porch.

But the shoes may not have been the most expensive item Simpson lost over the weekend. He also reported that a $600 Teavana tea set was stolen from his front porch.

Ouch. Cold world, indeed. But why does Simpson have a $600 tea set in the first place?

And this ordeal was extra disappointing for Simpson because he thought his neighbors would have alerted him in a situation like this one.

Luckily for Simpson, after inking a new, multi-million dollar deal this offseason he should have some extra cash to buy a new tea set.