Apparently, Thursday night's loss to the Chicago Bulls wasn't the only defeat New York Knicks guard J.R. Smith has suffered in recent days.

TMZ is reporting that Smith found himself on the wrong end of a $48,000 lawsuit. The sharpshooting guard was sued by customized jewelry maker Lemmerman’s for a reported $25,500 in products that Smith ordered but never paid for. Add in interest and legal fees, and the total amount that Smith owes is nearly $50,000.

Smith's jewelry bounty included a diamond chain, earrings and two "Black Jesus" pendants, like the one pictures here. According to TMZ, one "Black Jesus" pendant and chain cost about $15,000.

Lemmerman's is a popular jeweler for professional athletes, and their website displays work done for Ronny Turiaf, Chad Johnson, Baron Davis, Gerald Wallace, Gerald Green and many more.