Thanks to an error by a local newspaper, the suspension of Pirates pitcher Jonathan Sanchez led to a prank on a woman named D'Marie Sanchez.

For the record, D'Marie Sanchez and Jonathan Sanchez are not related. D'Marie is the mother of Pirates prospect Tony Sanchez. When Jonathan Sanchez was suspended six games for plunking Allen Craig, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette accidentally ran a photo of Tony.

You can imagine how Tony felt about his photo running with a story about Jonathan Sanchez.

Tony decided to send a photo of the misleading story to his mother, who promptly freaked out:

As funny as this is, you've got to feel a little bad for D'Marie Sanchez. The boneheaded decision of a Pirates pitcher, combined with the embarrassing mistake of a newspaper (and her son's interesting sense of humor), resulted in one angry mother.

Hopefully, after learning the truth, she was able to laugh about the whole ordeal.

(H/T to Hot Clicks)