Running backwards may be unusual, but is it a crime?

Alex Mesa, a Miami man who has become somewhat of a local celebrity for his unusual jogging style, claims he was cited because he refused to run with the flow of traffic.

Miami Beach police wrote Mesa up for obstructing traffic after he was seen jogging in between cars while running in the street.

"[Police officers] observed this behavior and advised them that he couldn't do it," Miami Beach Police Department Sgt. Robert Hernandez told NBC Miami. "He said he's always done it and will do it again."

Mesa told NBC Miami that he thinks he was targeted because of a previous drug charge. And even though police officers told him to stop running against the flow of traffic, he says he'll keep doing it.

"I'm not doing anything different from somebody rollerskating, skateboarding, riding bicycles in the middle of the street," Mesa said.

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