Sacramento Kings guard and former BYU star Jimmer Fredette is suing a Utah clothing company, claiming he was not payed the agreed upon amount for his endorsement.

In a complaint filed against Utah-based Black Clover Enterprises, Fredette alleges that the company neglected to pay him $50,000 and has used his likeness without his permission. The lawsuit says Fredette signed with the company in March 2012 and fulfilled all of his contractual agreements, which included wearing the apparel at media events, promoting it on social media and providing signed products to Black Clover.

The 24-year-old Fredette was supposed to receive $50,000 a year plus royalties for his endorsement, but he and his attorneys are claiming he never got that money. In the suit Fredette is seeking at least $50,000 plus interest.

When contacted by the Associated Press, both sides said they were working toward an agreement. Brett Wayment, one of Black Clover's owners, said the company hopes to continue doing business with Fredette.

"We like Jimmer and his family," Wayment told the Associated Press, "and want to keep the relationship healthy."

This isn't the first time Fredette has been involved in a court case. He was named as a defendant in the NBA's lawsuit against the player's association during the lockout of the summer of 2011.