We've seen a couple get married before an MLB game or stage the big day at the ballpark, but what a recent pair of Red Sox fans pulled off may have been a first.

Tammy Larson and Greg Lamoureux decided to get married during a Red Sox game, and what a day they chose. During the seventh inning of Saturday's Red Sox-Royals matchup, Boston's first home game since the horrific Boston Marathon bombing, Larson and Lamoureux exchanged vows.

The unique nuptials might have gone unreported had BuzzFeed's Rosie Gray not been sitting right behind the couple. Gray reported that Larson, from Minnesota, and Lamoureux, from Worcester, Mass., were seated a few rows back from the first base line. Larson wore a Red Sox T-shirt under a red jacket while Lamoureux wore a Red Sox sweatshirt. Their vows were read to them by Carol Merletti, a Justice of the Peace from Malden, Mass.

The ceremony was cut short when a man a few rows behind the couple intervened.

"Sit down!" he shouted. "Now you're married, like everybody else."

Unceremonious interruptions notwithstanding, it was an extremely emotional day for the newly wedded couple.

"It's moving, it's special," Larson told Gray, "it's all about moving forward."