Bob Costas might be the last person one would expect to throw down a verse from a Ludacris song on live television.

Yet, that's exactly what Costas did during an interview on the MLB Network recently. In light of Robinson Cano firing Scott Boras and signing with Jay-Z's new sports agency, Harold Reynolds asked Costas who his favorite rapper was.

Costas didn't exactly specify one artist, but he did "give props" to Ludacris. In the song "Hip Hop Quotables" on Ludacris' third album, "Chicken-n-Beer," the rapper name-checks Costas.

Here's the verse in which Costas is referenced:

"I be rolling torpedoes, get blunted with Rastas

And for a hefty fee, I’m on your record like Bob Costas."

And now here's Costas, saying those exact words.

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Now, if you think you were embarrassed to hear Costas quote Ludacris, imagine what his son felt. Luckily, thanks to Twitter, we can tell you:

(H/T to Awful Announcing)