We've seen that Barack Obama has taken a keen interest in the issue of safety in football.

Earlier this year the president said he wasn't sure if he would let his son play football, citing the fact that the sport has become quite dangerous.

Recently the president continued his push for a safer sport, this time in conversation with one of the NFL's brightest young stars. While attending the NCAA men's basketball tournament East Region final between Syracuse and Marquette, Obama bumped into Robert Griffin III. A professed Chicago Bears fan, Obama did take a keen interest in the Redskins last fall as Washington made its playoff push.

While it's not clear exactly what Obama told the Offensive Rookie of the Year, Griffin did say that Obama spoke to him about "protecting myself." Griffin was injured twice in his rookie year while scrambling, once suffering a concussion and the other time spraining the lateral collateral ligament in his right knee.

This isn't the first time Obama has implored a mobile quarterback to think about safety. He reportedly told former Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha to mention to Mike Vick that he should slide more.

Vick took the message to heart.