Obese soccer fans won't have to worry about dropping pounds to fit into the seats at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. That's because the 12 World Cup stadiums will each have designated chairs for overweight people.

Of the 63,903 seats at the Castelão, 1,675 are reserved for obese people or those with disabilities. According to the official website of the World Cup, 120 of those seats are meant for overweight people.

These special chairs will be twice the length of normal seats, and they are also reinforced so they can hold up to 560 pounds. They are expected to cost twice the price of normal seats. Tickets for these obese seats at this summer's Confederations Cup cost $57, while the cheapest standard seats are going for about $28.

Both the disability seats and the obese seats are mandated by Brazilian disability laws.

(H/T to Off the Bench)