Ask any golfer and he or she will tell you that the sport is as much mental as it is physical.

And for pros who are looking to improve their game, there is no better source of wisdom than Michael Jordan, the man with the indomitable will.

Tim Rosaforte of Golf World writes that several of the sport's top players, guys like Tiger Woods, Ernie Els, Keegan Bradley and Luke Donald, have consulted with Jordan on important matters.

Els, who struggled with putting in the past, bumped into Jordan while doing a putting drill recently. Jordan challenged Els, betting $100 that Els would miss the putt. Els bumped Jordan up to $150 and proceeded to sink the shot.

"Just like a free throw," Jordan told Rosaforte. "You need the right fundamentals, like make sure you extend. But you should never be defensive, never assume you're going to miss it, never think, 'What if?'"

For Woods, Jordan can help with more than just the game. Jordan is one of few people who can match Woods' extreme competitiveness, plus he knows what it's like to be a global icon. Rosaforte writes that Jordan has become a sort of confidant for Woods.

"When I asked Tiger Woods recently if there was one iconic athlete, entertainment star or business leader who he tapped for advice on life at the top, there was no hesitation: 'M.J.'"

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(H/T to Business Insider)