If the NFL doesn't work out for Tim Tebow, the 25-year-old will not be short on job offers.

During an offseason in which Tebow spoke to more than 10,000 people at a recent event at Liberty University, the backup New York Jets quarterback was also offered a contract by an AFL team.

And in case he's bored with football and the speaking circuit, Tebow could always begin anew in Hollywood. According to TMZ, Tebow received an offer from faith-based director David Dginguerian to star in one of Dginguerian's future films.

"You are an inspiration to so many on the field and off," Dginguerian wrote. "and I am certain that your passion will also come through in films."

Dginguerian most recently produced Crossroad, which was released in 2012. If you're interested to get a taste of Dginguerian's style, the Crossroad trailer is below.

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Much remains unclear about the movie, including what Tebow would be paid, when the movie would shoot and what Tebow's role would be.