As the topic of homosexuality in sports becomes a larger part of the national discourse, it is encouraging to see displays of support like the one put together recently by the Philadelphia Union's fan club.

During the team's season opener against Sporting Kansas City, supporters in the team's "Sons of Ben" group held up signs that read "RR" during the 18th minute. The signs were a reference to former U.S. men's national team player Robbie Rogers, who most recently played in England and several weeks ago came out as gay.

The fans also remained silent for the 18th minute as a tribute to Rogers, who wore No. 18. Barb Colligon captured several images of the display and posted them to Flickr.

Making the display even more meaningful is the fact that Rogers does not have any connection to the Philadelphia Union. During his five years in the MLS, Rogers played for the Columbus Crew. So the "Sons of Ben" were simply honoring a former player for his courageous move.

Well done.