One Pittsburgh Steelers fan's tattoo gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "Terrible Towel."

For those who are unfamiliar, the towel is a tradition started in Pittsburgh in the 1970s, and Steelers fans wave it at games to show support for their team. They're also known to bring the towels wherever they go as a form of solidarity.

One Steelers fan is so enamored by the tradition of the towel that he decided to get it tattooed on his chest. The man behind the Twitter account @434CARU5O sent a photo of his tattoo to Pittsburgh linebacker LaMarr Woodley, and Woodley retweeted it to his followers.

Although the Terrible Towel is usually yellow, this man's tattoo is black. Maybe that's because yellow would not look good if it was tattooed to his skin. While Woodley got a kick out of the artwork, to us it seems a little overdone. After all, it takes up half of this man's chest and it is solid black.

Judging by the photo, the drawing looks to be the size of the actual towel, and that must have been quite painful to sit through. But in his defense, if you're going to get the tattoo, you might as well go all out.