After avoiding each other for decades, it appears the only way Arkansas and Arkansas State will meet on the gridiron anytime soon is if they are forced to by law.

Arkansas Rep. Andy Mayberry recently submitted House Bill 2274, which would call for the teams to play one game at Arkansas's War Memorial Stadium. As part of the agreement, at least $250,000 of the proceeds would go to a charitable organization. The lawmakers have even created a website to gauge public interest in the game. At the site, fans can vote on whether they would like to see the teams square off as well as which organization should be the recipient of the proceeds.

Thus far slightly more than half of those who voted in the poll like the idea, but Mayberry says if the "no" votes overwhelm the "yes" ones," he'll withdraw the bill.

"For those people who say, 'Should you really be spending your time legislating something like that?' that’s why it says 'the people’s game' – that's what it says on the website," Mayberry told TalkBusiness.

And while many people would like the see the schools play, not everyone wants the government to force them to do so. Speaker of the House Davy Carter said he'd buy a ticket to the game if it happened, but he thinks Arkansas and Arkansas State should be the ones to decide that.