These days it seems politicians, especially those in Washington, can't find much to agree on.

While that polarization is unlikely to die down anytime soon, hopefully it will simmer for the next few weeks during the NCAA tournament.

A chart created from research compiled by Mike Shannon and Will Feltus for the National Journal shows that a love of college basketball appears to be one thing that both liberals and conservatives can agree on. Shannon and Feltus analyzed more than 200,000 interviews conducted by Scarborough Research, and they found that college basketball fans are some of the nation's most bipartisan supporters.

As you can see on the accompanying chart, college basketball fans appear to be slightly more conservative and more politically active than baseball fans.

Interestingly, fans of the NBA appear to be much more liberal than fans of college basketball. In fact, judging by the chart, NBA fans are some of the country's most liberal. The only sport whose fans are further to the left is the WNBA.

Meanwhile, those who identified as Republicans seemed to enjoy golf the most, with college football close behind.

(H/T to Business Insider)