If you haven't heard of Andy Enfield, you will soon.

That's because the 43-year-old head coach has led Florida Gulf Coast, in just its sixth season as a Division I team, to the NCAA tournament. The Eagles scored an impressive early season victory over Miami and went on to secure a Big Dance berth by winning the Atlantic Sun Tournament. Not bad for Enfield, a guy who's in his second year at the helm of the program.

And, oh yeah, did we mention his wife was a super model?

Enfield is married to Amanda Enfield, formerly Amanda Marcum, who you may recognize from her appearances on the cover of Elle, Maxim and Vogue. Maybe this image will jog your memory.

Nine years Andy's junior, Amanda met her future husband in 2003, when he gave her a ride from New York to Boston to see her beloved Oklahoma State Cowboys play in second round of the NCAA tournament. To say the least, that car ride went extremely well.

"[W]e had lots of things in common -- especially sports -- and we talked and talked about that," Amanda told the Naples Daily News in 2011. "I thought he was really funny and very confident. And I'm a sucker for sports guys, obviously.

Their first date was a St. John's NIT game, and Andy proposed six months later. Amanda quickly had a decision to make. Would she stick to modeling, and wait to start a family, or did she want to have kids immediately? It was an extremely tough choice for someone who had shown so much promise, but ultimately Amanda decided she was most interested in having kids.

"She wanted to do it," Andy told the Naples Daily News in 2011. "She wanted to give up her career to raise a family, and to be an assistant coach's wife at Florida State for a few years. I give her a lot of credit because it was very difficult for her to do that. She was so successful."

The pair moved to Tallahassee in 2006, just days after their eldest daughter, Aila, was born. They lived there for five years until Andy took the job at Florida Gulf Coast. Far removed from her days as a globetrotting model, Amanda is now a stay-at-home mom. The Enfields have three kids, and Amanda is often left alone when Andy is on the road.

She said she misses her days as a model, but she has no regrets.

"[I]f I could change it and have it back, I wouldn't do it," Amanda said. "I'm happy with the choices I made. Andy keeps me laughing. He's a great person to depend on, and he's a great friend and great father. Takes care of his family very well. He's very entertaining and funny, but he's also very responsible."