One of the breakout stars of a frantic first weekend of the NCAA tournament was Michigan freshman Mitch McGary.

The 6-foot-10 power forward helped the Wolverines top VCU with perhaps his best game of the year. McGary led the Wolverines with 21 points and 14 rebounds, well above his season averages of 6.4 points and 5.6 boards.

One of the most promising underclassmen in the country, McGary's talent extends well beyond the court. In fact, the Indiana native is actually quite the Renaissance Man.

McGary recently posted a photo of himself riding a unicycle in high school. As it turns out, McGary has been riding unicycles for eight years. And he's become pretty good.

"I know he can ride the hell out of a unicycle," Mitch's father, Tim, told the Michigan Daily. "He can ride a skateboard and a unicycle like nobody I’ve ever seen — pretty good for a kid that big."

A knack for the unicycle isn't the only surprising skill for the multi-talented McGary. The big man can also belt out a tune. McGary has become known around the team for his pipes, and apparently it's something that runs into the family.

"Singing is like my passion," McGary said earlier this year. "I might not be that good, but my dad always sang when we were younger and I just picked it up. I just love singing. Music kinds of talks to me and makes me free. I used to sing a lot of Usher but probably my favorite band is Maroon 5."

McGary busted out Justin Bieber's hit song "U Smile" in this get-to-know-you clip (around the :40 mark).

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OK, so maybe McGary should stick to basketball.