It took Katherine Webb about 30 seconds during the BCS national championship game to go from virtually unknown to national darling. And while she's thankful for her new role in the spotlight, she is still learning how to deal with all the attention that comes with being an overnight celebrity.

So who better to help than a national championship-winning quarterback who has essentially lived in the spotlight for the past three years?

Alabama's AJ McCarron isn't just her boyfriend anymore. He's her media consultant.

In an interview with, McCarron said he's been helping Webb deal with the rush of media that she has encountered over the past two months.

"Even though she was Miss Alabama and all that, she had never been through any of the paparazzi deal, and it all came at her at once so fast," McCarron said. "She's still learning how to handle everything and will text me or call me for advice. I just have to tell her, ‘Listen, I've been going through this for three years almost.' I do my best to help her every way I can."

And like Webb, McCarron was not insulted that Brent Musburger gushed about the 23-year-old during the title game. In fact, he was the one who told Musburger where Webb would be sitting.

“He helped boost her career," McCarron said, "which is awesome."