It seems that the New York Yankees sign, or at least pursue, many of the top pitchers in baseball. At one point or another in their career, these hurlers will be tempted by the never-ending money in the Bronx.

But unless the Yankees change one of their longstanding policies, we can be fairly confidently that Tampa Bay Rays ace David Price will never sign with the Bronx Bombers.

Price discussed his future with Fox Sports' Jon Paul Morosi recently, and he noted how much he loves the atmosphere in Tampa. But Price could enter free agency in a few years, and because Tampa may not have the funds to pay him Felix Hernandez or Matt Cain money, he could shop his services.

When Morosi told Price that the Yankees maintain a "no facial hair policy," Price had some harsh words for his divisional rivals.

"I wouldn't stay there very long then," Price said. "I wouldn't sign a long-term deal there. Those rules, that’s old-school baseball. I was born in '85. That's not for me. That’s not something I want to be a part of."

Manager Joe Maddon allows for a very lax locker room in Tampa, Price said, where players can listen to whatever sort of music they like and wear whatever they want on and off the field. Compared to the lax policies of the Rays, Price said, other teams are like "a penitentiary."

So when Price hears about the Yankees, or other teams that have strict dress codes, he is understandably turned off.

"It's a joke to me, that I had less rules in college than I would on some major league teams," Price said. "That's not my style, man. I couldn't do it on some of these teams I hear about. I couldn't do it. I'm a grown man."

(H/T to Larry Brown Sports)