There are a couple pieces of equipment that are basically essential for baseball players: A glove, a ball and a bat are usually the first three to come to mind.

And even though Lance Berkman doesn't plan on playing the field much this year for the Texas Rangers -- the 37-year-old slugger will likely fill the role of designated hitter -- he should still probably have a mitt. Just in case, you know, he needs to use it.

But when Berkman arrived at the Rangers camp in Sunrise, Ariz., he was sans glove. Berkman says it wasn't a Freudian slip, rather it was his switching of teams this offseason that was the cause of his confusion.

"For 12 years I never had to worry about it because the equipment guy in Houston just packed up my locker and it showed up in spring training," Berkman told Fox Sports. "I forget, this is an oversight on my part because I'm fairly new at this switching teams thing, but I forgot to have them have a glove here. It wasn't on purpose. I have plenty at the house."

While a mitt would be helpful, if Berkman can't find one, there are plenty of other objects which he can use to field popups.

(H/T to Larry Brown Sports)