You may remember the saga that unfolded with Arkansas recruit Alex Collins and his mother last week on Signing Day.

The Miami native Collins wanted to sign with the Razorbacks, but his mother refused to sign his letter of intent. Discouraged but not defeated, Collins had his dad sign the letter the next day.

Apparently, Collins' story wasn't the only mama drama in South Florida on Signing Day.

Matthew Thomas, a 5-star recruit from the Miami area, had decided the night before Signing Day that he wanted to go to USC. But when the day came, his mother was against it.

"The night before [Signing Day] I was honestly thinking USC," Thomas told Josh Newberg of 247 Sports. "I was trying to get the [letter of intent] and everything ready and signed first. But my mom didn't want to sign it. She didn't want me to go to USC."

So Thomas went with his second choice, Florida State.

As it turns out, the idea that parents need to sign a letter of intent in order for a player to enroll in a school is not entirely accurate. Jerry Hinnen of pointed out that players don't need to sign letters of intent, those agreements simply commit a player to a school. If Thomas was truly set on USC, he could have applied and gotten in based on academic merits.

But the 6-foot-3, 200 pound Thomas, who was ranked among the top 20 prospects of his class, said he wasn't too disappointed to sign with the Seminoles.

"I'm going to make the best of my situation," Thomas told Newberg. "It's not like I'm unhappy, I really like Florida State. It's not a problem, I'm happy with my decision."