The Duke-North Carolina matchup reached a head Wednesday morning when the noggin of the Duke Blue Devil popped up on a makeshift pike on top of a campus store in Chapel Hill.

On the morning of the rivalry matchup, staff members at Student Stores noticed the mascot's head above the building. A maintenance worker climbed up and retrieved the head.

"We thought it was just a random devil head for a prank," John Gorsuch, director of Student Stores, told the Daily Tar Heel.

In fact, no one realized that the head actually belonged to the Blue Devils mascot until Duke confirmed that the mascot was missing a head. Shortly thereafter, Chapel Hill Police took possession of the head so that Duke officials could claim it. And by game time the Blue Devil had his head on straight.

As it turns out, the stolen head was actually a spare. So thankfully the Blue Devil would have had something to wear even if the noggin wasn't returned.