If you closely watch the replay of the brawl between the Indianapolis Pacers and the Golden State Warriors, you'll see that the first person to come to Roy Hibbert's side is Lance Stephenson.

So after the dust settled and the fines were levied, Hibbert wanted to show Stephenson how appreciative he was. That's why Hibbert has said he'll cover Stephenson's $35,000 fine.

The 7-footer told the Indianapolis Star that he plans on paying Stephenson's fine because Stephenson was a good teammate and had his back.

Hibbert is making about $13 million more than Stephenson this year, so that also might have factored into his decision.

Perhaps more damming for Hibbert than the money lost is the fact that his mother was upset with him, something he admitted to reporters after the scuffle. Luckily for Hibbert his parents don't control his finances, and unlike Warriors forward Klay Thompson he won't be levied with an additional "parental" fine.