Michael Jordan turns 50 on Sunday, and so in addition to a celebration of his accomplishments, this week has turned into a raging debate about whether he is still the best player of all time. This is the world of sports, after all, where endless and impossible debates are encouraged.

So, naturally, people have been asking whether Jordan is better than LeBron James. While the question is unfair for multiple reasons -- Jordan played in a different era with different rules, James is only 28 -- that hasn't stopped it from dominating sports discourse.

Magic Johnson weighed in on Twitter, saying the answer is easy:

For his part, James has managed the publicity very well. Whereas Jordan isn't in the spotlight and doesn't have to worry about answering these silly questions, James meets with reporters daily. And even after accomplishing a feat that even Jordan never could, LeBron stayed away from the bait.

After the Heat's win over the Trail Blazers, James tweeted a simple yet satisfactory response to the debate.

James' message has garnered more than 60,000 retweets, giving some hope to the idea that sports isn't always a competition.