Those 30 seconds will forever live in television lore.

It was during the first quarter of the 2013 BCS national championship game, and veteran announcer Brent Musburger was fixated on A.J. McCarron's model girlfriend, Katherine Webb. Musburger noted how beautiful Webb was, and even suggested that young boys start practicing to play quarterback at Alabama so one day they too could score a woman like Webb.

Musburger's comments made ESPN uncomfortable enough to issue an apology the next day.

For Musburger, a widely respected broadcaster who has been behind the mic for decades, the network's apology was a humiliating moment. For Webb, a widely unknown 23-year-old, it was the start of what could be an extremely promising career.

Since that game, Webb's profile has exploded. Immediately she gained hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter, and she's scored gigs on a reality show, as a correspondent at the Super Bowl and as a model for Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue.

It's unlikely that any of those things would have happend if it wasn't for those awkward 30 seconds in Miami.

On the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday, Webb spoke about how her life has changed since that day. She said she still hasn't spoken to Musburger, but she wasn't offended by his comments and actually felt the urge to thank him.

Before the game, she was struggling to find work. Now, the offers are flowing in.

"Thank you for everything you've done and for helping my career and helping me make a new life for myself," Webb said when asked what she would say to Musburger. "I was in Los Angeles and I was already modeling before, so all of this stuff that I'm doing is no strange thing to me. I was actually having a hard time in Los Angeles booking jobs. ... After all this happened, people started calling."

(Transcription via Deadspin)