Metta World Peace once admitted that he would drink Hennessey during halftime of Chicago Bulls games during his tenure with the team (1999-2002).

Apparently, World Peace's drinking was only part of a larger culture of transgressions among the post-Michael Jordan Bulls.

In a profile in the New York Times, former Bulls first-round pick and current ESPN analyst Jay Williams said that during his only NBA season, the 2002-03 campaign, his teammates used to smoke marijuana before games.

"There were guys smoking weed before games," Williams said. "Guys asking in the middle of the game, 'Do you smell popcorn?'"

Fresh out of Duke, Williams said he was shocked by his teammates' lax attitude toward their profession. Moreover, Williams said the marijuana use was not the only vice practiced on the 2002-03 Bulls, who finished the year sixth in the NBA's Central Division with a 30-52 record.

"Guys are gambling," Williams said. "They’re playing dice in the back of the plane for money. Like, we just lost by 30 tonight! And we’ve got a game tomorrow! It bugged me out."

After the 2002-o3 season, Williams crashed his motorcycle and severely injured his left leg. He never played another game in the NBA.