If anyone is worried about the atmosphere in the Chicago Cubs' locker room heading into the 2013 campaign, one year after a dismal 61-101 season and 105 years after winning the organization's last World Series, a recent prank seems to indicate that these guys still know how to keep things light.

During manager Dale Sveum's first full squad meeting with the team over the weekend, the second-year skipper noticed that his players began removing their warm-up jackets. Underneath they were wearing bright orange hunting gear, a reference to Sveum's hunting snafu in December. Sveum was shot by accident in the ear by Hall of Famer and former teammate Robin Yount when the two were quail hunting in Arizona.

The players even gave Sveum a shirt with a target on it. Luckily for them, the skipper laughed off the prank.

"It was a good one, just to kind of loosen people up," pitcher Matt Garza told the Chicago Tribune. “I know the first day is usually a little nerve-wracking, especially with (all the media around). Whoever did that, it was a good one."

No player took credit for the prank, but we'll probably know who did it when we see him running extra sprints this week.