When Colin Kaepernick dashed into the end zone on a 15-yard run in the fourth quarter of Sunday's Super Bowl, the entire world saw him break out the simple celebration that has spawned a craze: "Kaepernicking."

The celebration consists of Kaepernick kissing his biceps, a move that is similar to the gesture of the famous pro wrestler, Big Poppa Pump (aka Scott Steiner). The craze became so popular this year that Kaepernick even trademarked it.

Butn an interview with CBS, Kaepernick explained that the triumphant gesture is not a direct reference to Big Poppa Pump. Rather it has its origins in a critical and much-publicized article written about his tattoos during the season.

“That kind of came about from that article," Kaepernick said of the celebration. "Just kind of showing that I love my tattoos regardless of what people think. I also have ‘faith’ down the front. That’s also my way of showing that everything I do and have been blessed with has come from God."

Not that we have that settled, let's get ready for next year's celebration craze. Luck-ing? Newton-ing? Dare we say, Flacco-ing?

(H/T to Larry Brown Sports)