As NHLers return from Europe for the start of the post-lockout hockey season, we're starting to hear tales of their time in Europe.

And they're not all pretty.

Boston Bruins defenseman Johnny Boychuk, who played for EC Red Bull Salzburg of the Austrian League, told reporters that his team did not have Gatorade or water in the locker room. Only Red Bull.

Boychuk's teammate, 20-year-old center Tyler Seguin, reportedly also had a difficult adjustment to make while playing for HC Biel of the Swiss National League.

A story from the Swiss tabloid Blick details what Seguin's apartment looked like, and it's pretty much what you would expect from a 20-year-old male living by himself.

The newspaper spoke with the cleaning company contracted by the team to scour Seguin's apartment, and it had some interesting stories (which were translated by an English-language newspaper called The Local). The cleaners told Blick that they found scattered coins worth 220 francs ($237) on the floor, in addition to Coke bottles, garbage and dirty linen. There were also rotten bananas on the table, the newspaper reported.

Seguin was "not versed in appliances," according to Blick, and he tried to wash his dirty laundry in the dryer. The cleaners also said that it became clear that Seguin did not know how to work the dishwasher, so when he ran out of plates and cutlery he bought plastic tableware.

"You could tell it was the first time a young, single man had an apartment," Marc Lüpold, the managing director of the cleaning company, told Blick.

Seguin himself responded to the story on Twitter, adding a little humor for good measure.

Seguin's teammate on Biel, Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane, did not seem to have any of these problems. That may or may not be because Kane was living with his mother.

(H/T to Deadspin)

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