You'd think playing in one of the best sporting environments in the country, Lambeau Field, would be a desirable playoff advantage for the Green Bay Packers.

But to hear wide receiver Greg Jennings explain it, it almost sounds as though he would prefer to play on the road. Jennings told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that in some respects, it's easier for NFL teams to play away from home.

"I'm not opposed to playing here," Jennings said. "Obviously, with our crowd and our fans, that's what we want as a team. But going on the road, being isolated away from everyone, I think the focus level and the sense of urgency is just a tad higher because you're dependent on your teammate. You travel, you're in a hotel -- you're all together. It's you guys against everyone else outside of that hotel."

Jennings has a point. When the Packers won the Super Bowl in 2011, they played and won three road games in the NFC playoffs. The Packers had home field advantage in the 2007 and 2011 postseason, losing at home to the Giants in both years.

Of course it might be different if Lambeau Field was in a warm climate. In the past Green Bay players have said it can be easier to play somewhere where it's not freezing during the game, even if that means playing in a dome.

If the Packers want to make another playoff run, they'll have the bear the elements this weekend in Green Bay, when temperatures could dip into the teens.

(H/T to Larry Brown Sports)

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