During the reports this week about Andy Reid's discussions with various NFL franchises, one thing that is not discussed is Reid's weight. And for good measure. While Reid may be overweight, that fact is irrelevant to his talks with NFL teams.

On Friday, however, one journalist decided to slip in a dig at Reid for his weight during a report about negotiations. And it did not go well.

During a Friday morning edition of SportsCenter, ESPN's Ed Werder was providing an update on Reid's status with the Kansas City Chiefs. He noted that Chiefs executives left Philadelphia without Reid, and he jokingly gave this explanation as for why that might be:

"Now I don't know if that's because Andy Reid might put the plane over its weight limit, but there's no apparent breakdown in the deal."

Here's the entire clip:

This text will be replaced

As you can see, it's a cruel and entirely unnecessary quip.

Werder realized his mistake and apologized via Twitter:

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