After debuting in the regular season and gaining some solid popularity, Colin Kaepernick's signature touchdown celebration is now a full-fledged craze.

We give you Kaepernicking.

As millions of viewers witnessed during Kaepernick's multiple-touchdown performance during the San Francisco 49ers' win over the Green Bay Packers on Saturday, Kaepernick will kiss his right biceps to celebrate a score.

The quarterback himself has embraced the celebration, even re-tweeting dozens of fans who sent him photos of them "Kaepernicking." In one tweet, below a photo of himself kissing his biceps, Kaepernick wrote, "love my tats even if you don't," an apparent reference to the controversy regarding his multiple tattoos.

Chris Strauss of USA Today did some investigative work, tracing Kaepernick's celebration to the wrestler Scott Steiner (aka Big Poppa Pump). Steiner had some enormous biceps in his heyday, and he was known to plant many a smooch on his arm.

Over the years other professional athletes, like Metta World Peace and Steve Nash, have borrowed the move.

And now the craze appears to have found a fitting, if unlikely, home in the Bay Area. If the 49ers can win the Super Bowl, perhaps Kaepernicking can rival Tebowing in popularity.